Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A General Update and Reader's Choice

As you might remember, Austin and I are taking a break while we regroup, reformat and relax after the latest debacle with Elementary. For those wondering, yes we are still going to continue the blog, it's just going to be a bit different than before. Instead of taking time out of our busy lives and yours by rehashing the same complaints over and over again, we are going to change things up. We are still going to read and discuss a classic Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle story every week. Since there are a lot of other of cinematic Sherlock Holmes adaptations out there, we decided to try and tackle some of those instead of complaining about Elementary.

Your reward, loyal reader, is to help us decide which movie to discuss first!

We have a classic Holmes adaptation starring Basil Rathbone who we have already seen once in Dressed to Kill. This time Mr. Holmes goes to Washington! The plot might sound familiar to those who are diehard Holmesians.

Next choice is a bit of a different take. Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine star in Without a Clue. Two beloved actors in a one off that turns the idea of Holmes on its head.

And your final choice is a blockbuster hit starring that dreamboat Robert Downey, Jr. (I can use dreamboat, right? This is still relevant lingo, right? I haven't gotten all of my slang from the Brady Bunch, I don't know what you're talking about.)

Those are your choices! If you have another idea of what we should review or something we should look at in the future, please leave us a comment! We've opened up a whole new world of possibilities and nothing is too weird or strange for us! (On our list includes animated television shows, movies, non-canonical stories, everything!)

So take your pick and let us know what you think!

For the Americans out there, enjoy your holiday! And to those who aren't American, I hope you have a good week, too! We'll be back next week with The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle to get us in the Christmas Spirit and then we'll have reader's choice!

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